• When moving to Japan for work the biggest challenge was finding a place to live and moving in within the month; having not visited Japan before and not speaking the language made this feel like a very difficult task. A colleague of mine recommended Holly and he managed to not only find us a place, but got us set up to move in within 2 weeks! From start to finish Holly was there to ensure the whole process went smoothly, including a pickup service to view flats together. He even helped get the utilities set-up and offered contacts for WiFi! What made it even easier is that Holly is fluent in both Japanese and English, which made dealing with the housing company really easy. I will definitely use Holly if I move again in the future.

    Jack, England & Elena, Malaysia

  • Moving to Japan without knowing any Japanese can be a difficult task for a foreigner. Before moving to Japan, I researched a lot of things about Japan and everywhere it stated that finding an apartment is a very difficult task. But luckily for me, I was able to get in touch with Holly Yu and the entire move in process was as smooth as it could be. Holly began to work on looking for houses for me even before I had arrived in Japan. We communicated through LINE and by the time I reached Japan, he already had a list of apartments he thought would be a good fit for me based on our conversations over LINE. The whole process could be overwhelming, but with Holly to help me at every step, it really really made the process much easier. Holly has been nothing but supportive and helpful since the day I have moved to Japan. Holly has gone above and beyond to help me since my move to Japan and has always been of great assistance, whether it’s questions related to apartments or just being a foreigner in Japan.

    Rohit, USA

  • Holly was indispensable. Finding an apartment in Japan as a foreigner is immensely difficult, and finding a place you will like even more so. Holly took the time to guide my girlfriend and I step by step through the process; and I will admit, we asked a lot from him. But in the end, Holly found us a place we both could not be happier with.

    James & Haley, USA

  • Holly made finding and moving into my new apartment so easy and stress free. He worked very hard to find apartments that had what I needed. He is friendly and makes sure he finds you a place you will be happy with. I highly recommend having Holly help you find your new home!

    Melissa, USA

  • RE/MAX WINNERS did an amazing job finding me a place to live! I had very little time and an even smaller budget, but Holly did everything in his power to make sure I love my new home! It was a wonderful experience all around.

    Haruka, USA

  • Holly was recommended to me by friends he’d helped previously. Holly was always efficient & friendly and my many questions were answered promptly. Holly went above & beyond to assist with searching for a suitable apartment, signing contracts & even helped me with connecting all my utilities. I’ve since passed on Holly’s details to other friends now. If you’re looking to move I highly recommend you contact Holly!

    Naomi, Australia

  • I would just like to say I am very impressed with holly. He helped me find my apartment in the most convenient location at a reasonable price. He took care of all the necessary documents, and helped me get an internet service provider even though it’s not his duty as an agent. He’s been very kind and went above and beyond in helping me settle into my new place. I would definitely recommend him and his company to all the newbies who want to settle here in japan. His service is exceptional.

    Neza, Philippines

  • Holly has been instrumental in my move to Osaka. He prepared a list of housing options before I arrived, and within a few days I was moving into my new apartment. Finding the apartment was just one step in my move, however. Holly also tapped his network of friends and colleagues to set me up with appliances, internet, and air conditioning. He even personally drove me to a gym to check the membership prices when weighing my options. He truly goes above and beyond, and he is helpful every step of the way. Thanks again, Holly!

    Adrian, USA

  • After searching for a new apartment for about a month with a real estate company and no luck, a friend recommended I contact Holly. Holly was always quick to respond and was flexible with my schedule. He listened to my requirements and showed me exactly what I was asking for, and I never felt pushed to take a place I wasn’t completely happy with. Within a few days I found an apartment I loved and Holly helped me through the process, letting me know exactly what documents I needed and what steps I needed to take even after moving. I absolutely love my new apartment, but I know if I ever wanted to find another place, I could count on Holly to help. I highly recommend Holly to anyone looking for a new home!

    Alexandra, USA

  • I had a wonderful experience finding an apartment with Mr. Holly Yu. He has helped me find a suitable apartment twice. As an international student, there are several obstacles that one can face while looking for apartments, like language barrier, finding a guarantor, high key money, being under age in Japan, possible discrimination, and more, all that I have seen my friends and classmates go through. I was able to find an apartment both times without having to go through all those. He is kind and efficient in his work and made sure to accommodate all my preferences while looking for a place. Moreover, he follows up after the move and has helped me contact other companies like water company and plumbers. I highly recommend choosing this agency for a stress-free experience of finding housing in Japan.

    Aditi, India

  • The moment I arrived in Osaka, Japan, Holly was there to help my move from temporary to permanent accommodation go smoothly. From picking me up at my hotel, to showing multiple housing options that fit my criteria, I was able to count on Holly every step of the process. Once I chose a place and the lease was signed Holly continued to ensure I felt comfortable, helping set up my utilities and provide advice to making my Osaka transition easier. Months in to my lease I am enjoying my apartment Holly found and the service he continues to provide. A co-worker recommended Holly to myself and I will definitely do the same to anybody looking for a realtor to smoothly make Osaka their new home.

    Tanner, Canada

  • *Best Service in a friendly manner* My wife and myself just moved recently to Osaka, Japan. We heard a lot about housing in Japan and mainly the part of being super expensive and super small. Therefore, we had some concerns when it came to finding the right apartment for our future life in Osaka. My company recommended Mr. Holly to us and we can say that was the best hint ever. After our first personalized chat, he was able to show us on the same day five apartments which were within our budget and our needs. After we chose our favorite, Mr. Holly took over all work on the documents and whatever else was needed. We were able to move in within one month and are very happy at our new place. Mr. Holly remains a source of information, wherever a question pops up related to living in Japan in general. We can only recommend to work with him.

    Kathja & Béla, Germany

  • Prior to returning to Japan, one of my major concerns was housing. Fortunately for me, I was introduced to Mr. Holly Yu who without having met him, and through only conversations via text messaged alleviated all of my fears in the most professional manner. He was able to answer my questions thoroughly, and most importantly provided me with a wonderfully modern apartment, that exceeded all of my expectation and needs. I highly recommend him for comfort, peace of mind and value for money! Thank you for everything Holly!

    Crystal, Trinidad

  • When I was having trouble apartment searching on my own, a friend  recommended Mr. Holly to me with great enthusiasm. Through LINE messages, I could share what I was looking for and Mr. Holly was quick to reply with links, advice, and useful information about the areas and units that helped me make my decision. It was a relief to have Mr. Holly by my side during the contract signing process. Thanks to him, I had all of the appropriate documents and understood everything the Japanese staff told me. The best part about working with Mr. Holly was that he went above and beyond in helping my transition be as smooth as possible. Among other things, he managed to get me a discount on my moving fee and registered me for utilities (water). After a month into living in my new space, I could not be any happier about the experience I had with Mr. Holly. His enthusiasm, honesty, and knowledge made the searching and moving process a pleasant one.

    Talia, USA

  • I arrived to Japan at the beginning of 2018, and knowing nothing on how to find an apartment I decided to live in a share house, but soon I discovered that was not the life I wanted for myself so I decided to start looking for a new apartment. Mr. Holly was recommended to me by several people I asked to; he immediately contacted me and started looking for a place that met my requirements and in a month I had My apartment! He was very nice, helpful and whenever I had a question regarding anything related to what we were doing he would give me an answer very fast. Now I’m very happy in my apartment and if I ever feel the need to move again, I will definitely contact Mr. Holly again.

    Alejandra, Mexico

  • Mr. Holly did a wonderful job of finding me an apartment. My situation was rather difficult and I had many requests but he managed to find me a great place to live. I’m so grateful for his help. Thank you Mr. Holly!

    Rebecca, USA

  • As a foreigner finding housing in Japan can be a stressful, complex and difficult affair filled with pitfalls and confusion. Lucky for me, and the rest of his happily housed patrons, Holly Yu is the perfect choice to navigate the process with honesty, grace and immeasurable dedication. Holly simplifies the process, shares the experience with you step by step and offers choices that are not available to housing-seekers without an experienced and compassionate realtor. Holly not only set us up with our housing, but also assisted us with any persisting issues like wi-fi and rental payment. His wisdom and patience are indispensable. I feel that Holly Yu is the most professional, trustworthy and helpful realtor I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

    William, Canada

  • Just to state up-front, Holly Yu has been the most dependable and caring person out of anyone I have met within this first month of living in Japan.  Before arriving in Japan, my place of employment gave me Holly Yu as a contact to aid me in finding housing.  Upon arrival, Holly was immediately available to meet with me and made me feel like I was a major priority in his work schedule.  After personally picking me up, Holly and I discussed my interests for housing and he was able to immediately set up visits for apartments and complexes that reflected my own wants and needs.  Even after finding an apartment, Holly has gone FAR above and beyond the simple definition of a realtor; not only has Holly been there to aid me in all of my housing needs, but also he has been available and supportive in helping me with any questions or concerns as I get settled in this next chapter in my life.

    Matthew, USA

  • RE/MAX WINNERS really saved me from being homeless in Japan. It only took around a week for Holly to find me the perfect place in a perfect location at an affordable price and to move in. I could never thank him enough for all the hard work, the compassion, and the energy he used to get me this place. I already recommended RE/MAX WINNERS to my friend, and will continue doing it as a satisfied client and a friend.

    Tristan, France