If at least one of the following descriptions accurately describes your situation, please feel free to contact us:

■You are tired of being an office worker and want to quit your job soon

■You don’t want to be an employee. Instead, you want to work as a freelancer

■You are interested in real estate

■You want to control your time

■You want to work globally

■You want to make use of your takken license

■You want to decide your own income

■You want to be independent, but you don’t have enough money to start a business

■You want to use English at work


Application Details

Job Description

Real estate agent

■Property Types

・Rental properties

・Buying and selling residential properties (personal use and investment properties)

・Buying and selling commercial properties (buildings, hotels, etc.)

■Potential Clients

・General Japanese citizens

・Foreigners who live in Japan

・Japanese investors

・Foreign investors

※Doing business within the global RE/MAX network is possible.

Work Address

Unit 302, Rexia Nishinakajima III, 4-5-11 Nishinakajima, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka, 532-0011

Work Hours


Income & Compensation

・Japanese real estate agencies usually provide a base salary plus commissions, but RE/MAX WINNERS provide up to 90% commissions!

・You can improve yourself by achieving the goal you set for yourself. The more results you produce, the more income you receive.

・There is no fixed schedule! You can feel free to use the agents’ space and clients’ space in the office anytime.


・People who have experience in real estate

・People who do not have experience in real estate but are interested in it

・People who can speak different languages

・People who would like to be independent in real estate in the future.

※People who have a takkenshi license are welcome to apply!

Application procedures

Contact us and we’ll arrange for an interview.

Person in charge

Holly Yu